Quality senior care is what we do – Compassion and Integrity is who we are.

Carefree Home Care Director, Leslie
RN, Director
[email protected]

I was very focused on my career for much of my life, but after my husband and I adopted our son, I decided to leave my job of 12 years at the Lindora Clinic to stay home and raise him. Once he was getting older and spending less time at home, I decided to start working again. Around this time, I met someone who ran her own home care agency focused in the Los Angeles area, which gave me the idea to start a home care agency that would service clients in Orange County.


From my personal experience with my mother, I know how hard it is to find good care for family members, and based on my previous experience with home care, I felt that I could do a better job. I knew my sister-in-law Michelle was looking for some kind of meaningful work after retirement, and she had work experience that I knew would be valuable to the company, so I asked her to come on board.


My medical experience from being a registered nurse enables us to have an added layer of oversight where we can help to manage any condition changes and manage medication. Being the Director of Carefree is an incredibly fulfilling job, and it is an honor to help people every day.

Carefree Home Care Director, Michelle
Director, Administration

Shortly after I retired from my 37-year career in the Human Resources department of UPS, my father  Prior to that, I provided care for my husband when he fell ill, and then my mother, before their passing. Through both of those experiences, I learned how challenging it is to provide end-of-life care for family members because it can alter the relationship with your relative or spouse.

After retirement, I was looking for something meaningful to do part-time, and that's when Leslie approached me with the idea of starting Carefree Home Care. My favorite part about Carefree is hearing how much we’re helping clients and their family members, and hearing about how much the caregivers enjoy working for us. I feel a sense of pride and reward every day!

Carefree Home Care Client Services, Stephanie
Client Services Director

Prior to my grandmother passing away in 2012, my family and I provided care for her and did everything we could to ensure that she was comfortable during her final days; this experience made me realize my passion for helping others. I worked in the hospitality industry for 6 years, but shortly after my grandmother passed, I began my career in the home care industry.


Helping families figure out the best options for their loved ones, providing safety and comfort for clients, and offering good jobs for caregivers have made the past 7 years very fulfilling and rewarding. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when we hear about the positive impact we have made both in our clients’ and caregivers’ lives. 


I enjoy matching caregivers to clients and watching their relationships develop and grow over time. Each day is different at Carefree Home Care, which gives me the opportunity to learn and grow both as a person and in my career. I am forever grateful to work for such an amazing company! 

Client Care Manager, Eleanor

A few years before joining Carefree Home Care, I used to own and manage a home care agency located on Wilshire Boulevard. The areas of service included Beverly Hills, Malibu, Westwood, and other surrounding cities. 


What prompted me to go into this business was the fact that a lot of my friends’ parents and relatives seem to be constantly looking for quality caregivers. I believe that excellent caregiving is not just filling a void in people, but adding joy and creating meaningful moments in their lives. I enjoy working for Carefree because it is a small company that offers flexibility, not too many layers of management, and has a unique workplace culture.

Client Care Manager
Client Services Manager, Brittany
Client Services Manager

I've lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle, which has made me very adaptable and open to new experiences. As a child, I lived in Westminster, Dallas, Temecula, and Houston, and I received my Bachelor of Psychology in San Antonio - go Roadrunners! More recently, I moved from Houston to Costa Mesa in September 2018 in order to be closer to family, and now I even get to work for family - Leslie Wulff is my aunt!

My favorite part of my job with Carefree is simple: I get to help people. Meeting new people and helping with their needs is so fulfilling, and I'm always growing as a person because I learn something new every single day. I've worked in a few industries since I graduated college, but I've finally found my calling in home care. 

Client Services Coordinator, Frenil
Client Services Coordinator

I have been working in the home care industry since 2013. For the first three years, I worked as a caregiver, and since 2016, I have been working within the offices of home care agencies as an administrator and coordinator. Although the majority of my time is spent in the office, I still get to be a caregiver for our clients from time to time, which I love! 


I have always enjoyed being able to help and care for my clients. I find comfort in knowing that I am able to help ease others' lives by being their advocate; being there for the client and their family members gives me so much joy.


I can truly say that my passion has always been caring for our senior population, and I love doing that with Carefree Home Care.