After working with a colleague at a home care agency based in Los Angeles, Leslie saw the need for a hands-on home care agency based in Orange County -- an agency that would focus on truly helping people by finding the best care for clients and their loved ones. Leslie then approached Michelle with the idea of starting their own home care company.

They knew that they would be able to provide excellent care for clients and create rewarding jobs for caregivers. 


They thought they could build a successful business with Leslie’s medical knowledge from being a Registered Nurse and her excellent business mind, in addition to Michelle’s Human Resources background.

In addition to their professional experience, Leslie and Michelle have both had personal experiences caregiving for their loved ones -- Leslie coordinated and provided care for her mother, and Michelle cared for both her husband and father. Michelle and Leslie know the experiences of being a caregiver, and they understand the challenges that accompany caring for relatives and loved ones. Carefree Home Care gives family members the chance to step away from being the caregivers to their loved ones, and allows them to really enjoy the family relationship in a stronger and more pure sense.

Leslie and Michelle matched their first client and caregiver on Easter Sunday of 2013. Since then, the number of clients, caregivers, and office staff have grown exponentially. Carefree continues to provide the highest level of care for its clients. The staff at Carefree work tirelessly to find the right client/caregiver match. Carefree employees do what they do because they truly care for others, and that permeates into all aspects of their work.

Our goal is to always provide undeniably amazing loving care, and to always be there for the senior community. Compassion and quality patient care is the heart and soul of our service commitment. Carefree Home Care is dedicated to providing care and attention with respect and dignity that our seniors deserve.

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